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November 1, 2015

Skyline Ranches, Elkhorn, NE

Questions: email.

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The APP is Eventzee if you wish to download it ahead of time.
There will be a QR Code at the event that will get you started.
****If I can get a team name ahead of time that is helpful. ****

Youth are 25% off. A 12 years and under class has been added.

I am arriving about 8:00am. Gates will be open then.
Check-in after noon and before 12:45
1:00 Instructions
1:30 Start
TRC ride times will be assigned
Hunt is open from 1:30 - 5:00
1:30 Arena Course - Judged - Basic non-scary technical course.
Then - Arena Course - Speed (rules too follow)
Then - Jump Course - Judged - More challenging trail course, a few small jumps
Then - Jump course - Speed
About 5:30 we will do awards.

Hunt is based on points - not speed. Those doing TRC and Hunt can work on Hunt when it's not your scheduled time to ride.

Ride the course efficiently. This is not scored. However, there will be time penalties for any obstacle knocked down, not completed, etc. Also penalties for poor horsemanship. Penalties will be listed on course map.

YOUTH - Morgan, Abby Galitzky
NOVICE - Sherry Stone, Marissa Miller, Phyilis Thompson, Penny Ball
OPEN - Diana Berglund, Kara Mehaffey, Carol Lee, Kelly Anderson, Dana Kesselring

Youth and Novice will be judged on arena course.
Open will be judged on jump course.
You will ride the course once. There is not a fee to ride in the finals. If you wish to be judged with everyone riding the course for the day then you would pay the respective entry fee.

If you have any more questions - please ask.
RSVP - Please!
See you Sunday!

Kelli Paulson
Dressage for Western Riders
Saturday, November 7, 2015

Improve your western horsemanship by learning about the fundamentals of dressage.

Loping Clinic
Sunday, November 8, 2015

Does your horse's lope need improvement?
Today is the day!

Animal Rescue League, DesMoines, IA

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horsemanship clinics
Horsemanship Clinics and Camps:
Groundwork, Bombproofing, Trail Obstacles, Foundation Horsemanship, Horsemanship I, Intro to Ranch Roping, Western Dressage
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Riding Lessons:
At Kelli's (between Herman and Tekamah)
At South Creek Stables (a mile north of Blair, indoor arena)
Kelli also makes house calls!

trail rider challenge
Trail Rider Challenge
A fun and challenging competition designed to produce a willing, confident, well trained horse.

horse training
Horse Training
Developing Solid Horses, Problem Solving, Trailer Loading, Tune Ups, Sale Prep, Trail Obstacles, Western Dressage
Specializing in developing willing and confident horses.

My goal with horses is to have a confident, willing partner who is a joy to ride, whose feet are directable, and we are prepared for any situation. Once we are prepared, we set goals and practice. That allows us to accomplish more than we ever imagined with our horse.

By using foundation horsemanship and trail obstacles our horses become confident, willing and directable.

Cowgirl - Western - Dresage
Cowgirl Dressage

The next step is Western Dressage. Here our horses become forward, accurate, and truly collected. It's time to add finesse, elegance, grace and beauty to our partnership!

A finished horse.
Natural horsemanship gives us great concepts. We must take those concepts and practice with direction and intention to have a finished horse, a bridle horse or an enjoyable, happy horse.

Horsemanship is unique in that you can always learn more. No one knows it all. We are all learning each day. Cowgirl (Western) Dressage will guide you on your journey to accomplish more than you ever imagined.

~ Kelli
Teaching natural horsemanship methods proven to create safe and willing horses.

Mother's Day Clinic 2009
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Welcome to Mid States Ranch Horses, LLC the home of Authentic Horsemanship. Teaching natural horsemanship methods proven to create safe and willing horses is our goal.

Is your horse willing and confident? Would you like it to be? We host trail obstacle course events called Trail Rider Challenges and clinics.

Accomplish more with your horse than you ever imagined.

Kelli Paulson is a horse trainer and clincian in the Omaha, Elkhorn, Tekamah, Blair, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Sioux City, Iowa area. Kelli specializes in using Natural Horsemanship and California Hackamore Reinsman methods proven to create safe and willing horses. Vaquero Buckaroo traditions help you and your horse communicate together, your horse to trust you and to become true partners. True horsemanship is simple and without gadgets.

Horse training services include colt starting, tune-ups, problem solving, trailer loading, trail obstacles, Western Dressage, youth and family horses. Riding lessons are available.
Kelli Paulson Horsemanship Clinics help you learn and apply natural horsemanship methods in a safe and effective manner. Clinic include ground manners, ground work, horsemanship, trail obstacles, and more. Custom clinics and demonstrations available.

Mid States Ranch Horses, LLC hosts events that promote horsemanship, safety and good family fun. Some of the events are Trail Rider Challenge, Western Dressage, Cowgirl Camps, and Horsemanship Clinics.

Kelli has the experience and patience to help you reach your horsemanship goals. Contact Kelli to find out how her horse training services can benefit you.

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